Monday, March 1, 2010

Acting blond

What a whirlwind weekend. There were two baby showers and a dinner party all within 28 hours of each other. Do not ask about the self-control at the vast array of culinary delicacies and delights that were presented on all fronts!
While the girls were visiting around with each other, one of them made a faux pas of some kind and said
                      " duh, now that is acting like a blond.
Notice the haircolor of moi? and daughter ? and about half the guest list?
She did not mean that all of us blondes would have naturally, and expectedly, made the same mistake, with the greatest of ease. Or did she? In your daily conversation do you inadvertently say a colloquialism or a slang that slams a particular group without being aware it has slipped out? Moreover, do you really mean that? I think not.
Many times what it may be simply a lack of vocabulary. We all need to be creative in how we speak and choose words that are uncommon and show that you have truly thought out each word or phrase.

I challenge you to get you dictionary and/or Thesaurus (they are available at your finger tips, just Google it) and learn a new word each day and use it in a sentence. Better still, write a note or twitter it to your friends so all can learn your new word.

The best lesson learned here is be careful how to blurt out comments, they are hard to retrieve.
Besides if being blond was all bad, why are sooo many women going to the hairdresser for blond highlights? It is a muti-gazillion  $dollar$  business for salons. Or blondine on the whole top layer? Sometimes I think it is a good idea to get some blond for guys love it.  Plus, natural in some folks needs a little boost......
In my mind blond is the new skinny!

John Hanson still needs intercessors...

Til next time....................

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