Thursday, March 4, 2010

Equal, or is it?

There is a little crystal bowl sitting on my counter top that has an exact number of Equal packets in it.  My routine is to fix coffee in the morning.  There is only one cup fixed for me and I drink only half of it. There is one equal packet in each cup.  The reason I have just a certain amount in that bowl is that when we hit the  "28th  day til down load" of our new grandchild, I put 28 packets in this bowl.  As we get closer, the bowl is getting lower and lower! This is the way I am keeping up with the big day countdown.
But then, I thought about the word equal.  The Constitution of the United States of America says we are. How they got that I am not sure, for there are definitely inequities and over-abundance of talents and qualities in each of us.  I do not want to be satisfied with that term, equal.  I have met my equal or equal in rights, how goofy is that thought? That I am equal to my husband is even more absurd.  He definitely is better than I am on a lot of fronts.  And there are those things that are my strong suit. There are some things that are earned.  There are some things that you got genetically, good or bad. 
What my issue today is to get over the equal term.  You are better than equal.
Every day that you increase in wisdom and knowledge, you get better. Never staying the same.  I remember in my mathematics classes that the = sign was tough to prove.  In statistics, you never use that term. Too absolute for those boys.  I have learned that the only absolute thing in this world is death.  It is done, it is over, it is absolute.  That leaves us a lot of room  to change ourselves between here and then!

Thinking today very strongly about Wynn, my nephew.  This photo is 1987.  Heather is 15 and Wynn pre-school.  He is now a gradute of the University of Alabama. Tempus fugit!

John Hanson is better today, thank you very much, but guarded.
Marsha is on prayer list.
Thank you Nancy for my own baby photo album.  I got a little package today from my alpaca friend, Nancy Miller.  She was very sweet to think of me, but know what i really liked?  The old fashioned way of wrapping a present and the ribbon turned and tied on itself grabbed my heart, now that is a personally attended to gift.  I hope rescues are doing better thanks to your healing hand.
Kristy, our personal chef, fixed rosemary chicken this evening and I am so ready to enjoy.  Remember the photo a while back of the lady who lost half of herself? Yep, this is the one, starting a new life and helping all of us gentile folks enjoy the life while she builds her catering business.
I took the advice of TW and did a spa manicure/pedicure today and I am so spoiled.....great idea and appreicate the push!

Til next time............

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