Monday, March 8, 2010

..... under the "gold' dome

The state capitol building for the State of Georgia is covered in gold.  Yep, real gold from Dahlonega, GA.
During this part of the year,in other states also,  our senators and legislators are gathered for some three months to do the business of law making or un-making for all of its citizens.
We really take that for granted. I am sitting here in the comfort of my home, with peace all around me and not wanting for anything, except for a Coca Cola that I gave up for Lent!
Have we any clue what these folks are doing for us everyday, even when not in session?
I charge you with one item this week.  Pick up the phone, Call the office of your designated one, that you voted for, or not, and thank them.  Small gesture, just a minute of your time.  Better still, go see them.  They love visitors from home.  Send a fruit basket or a raw veggie platter. It should not be a thank-less job!!

Remember that piece on "Dirty Jobs" a few years ago about shearing the alpaca.  Well, shearing time is getting near.  We have the traveling shearer arranged for the last of March.  Hopefully, we will not have a bad cold snap and drop to 32 degrees F after they get those fabulous coats off.  That is our harvest.  Getting ready takes a few weeks on my end to get the sorting bags and tags ready.  Sergio and I will review the tact and get another succesful season underway.Got the list printed, that is the first step.

Drove by our neighbor's, T. Oliver,  pastures and it looks like his harvest is good this year too; black as silk and nursing successfully; that is the greatest gift of a great birthing season.

I do not usually jump into someone else's battles, but i have had an epiphany meant for any of you in anguish today.  When someone bothers you, gets under your skin or seems to always be in your trash, spam 'em.  It is easy.
Now, I am not including that as a way for you to deplete your desire to read these inspired writings, but really, find a way to "erase their reach of influence" on your psyche.  Even if they are related to you.  Might save you both some anguish.  The one haunting you, trying to bug you,  may be tired of trying to sway you to their philosophy. Let's face it, you may not be spiritual enough for them, or successful enough, or married well enough, or have delightful offspring.  Nothing will suit, so "delete" and do not look back.....

My friend is out west skiing.  Cannot say that I envy her for that is not my favorite sport.  But she loves it and I hope she gets a gold medal!  Safe travel TW...

Going to marinate a whole tenderloin today.  I think I figured Ray Lambert's recipe out. But, if it takes one of those hunky pits that looks like two 55 gallon drums, cut in half, end to end, hooked together, we may have a problem.  The SIL has one, maybe will get him to do the cooking. Now that would be a "good trade".

"Hurt Locker"-what a coup.  What a movie.  Very sobering, I could taste the desert sand. Buy it, see it more than once.  Will make you glad you are here and not there.  But thank God for those who are there on our behalf.  I take it back, one more challenge for this week; find a soldier, send him/her an email.......
If you cannot find a soldier, write my cousin,Maj. James Connally.  He is in Iraq (unless he is embedded in Pakistan and he did not tell us) and I want him home...soon.

Til next time.......................

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