Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The interview

Depending on how you look at it,we are always interviewing. Do you need something from anyone else? Do you want a promotion? Do want to gain admittance to a fraternity? Do you want a certain girl's parents to give you blessings on a prom date or marriage? Do you need to be in the Junior League? Maybe gaining admittance to heaven?

There are some programs of education that do not let you practice your trade until you have done an internship, a residency, an externship and then take a test. A major of amount of this supervised time is subjective. So what if you mess up? What if you cannot discipline yourself to be under authority for a while?  All that educational time is down the tubes, right?
Another form of interview is how good your tables manners might be.  I know of several large firms that take you to lunch or dinner and see how you perform.  The use of the napkin, the proper use of eating utensils, chewing with your mouth closed, elbows off the table, control of beverage intake, ability to converse and the list goes on. Remember: :princess bites"! (google:Wikihow)

What is so bizarre about these forms of interview, you may not even know that you are being considered as a candidate for a movement up in your organization, being tapped to chair the big Gala, to be on a committee to choose leadership, be the one to receive money from someone for your services, or get that much needed post graduate supervised work.
Many times interviews are blind in that both parties may not be on same page.

That leads me to this summary thought. Always be informed, be proper, be thoughtful, be courageous, be honest, be truthful and consider the needs and feelings of others and it will not matter! If you are respectful, willing to be taught, submissive to instruction from those who have succeeded, give your best effort, you will not have to worry about being correct. 

                 Just be correct as a matter of habit, not a pretend for the occasion.

(Wonder if he realized this was his first interview with the architect par excellence of this generation?

Til next time........

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