Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life is made up of roads not taken....

Went to a wedding and met a lawyer who lives and works in Manhattan.  What a character.  He was responsible for the renovation and expansion of Grant's Tomb. He is so educated,so smart and so full of zeal I heard him when he said "Life is made up of roads not taken". He said it was sort of a take on Yogi Berra's comment of when you come to a fork in the road, take it! I wrote that in my notes and reflected on it today.
{Wonder why this guy never got married. He confessed that he was way to busy to do his profession of defense of white collar crime and have justice done for a family.}

You start by seeing where you are, look in the rear view mirror and see where you went this way instead or that, right rather than left and forward instead of backward or not moving at all.
Along those paths were all sorts of things that came as a result: lovers, children, hirings, firings, death, sickness, health gain, more education, no education, volunterism or not, so many many things that altered your landscape.
I would like to think that as I am older and wiser that I can steer my ship in a direction rather than a current or a tide taking me where it wants me to go.  I can choose to be strong or waffle.  I can choose to complain or compliment or for once just be silent.
I feel that if I had learned this earlier, I could avoided some of the potholes, tragedies and drama filled events.

Speaking of a road not chosen; I wish I had given Bill McCorvey, Jr. the lyrics I wrote to a song back in 1980.  I could be on CMT, or own it! It was that good, have no clue where it is now.

As I hear songs from ZBB (Zac Brown Band), I think of those lyrics.  Had something to do with "the help" in my life. Now that is a best selling book.
I do not think it is ever too late to be in charge of yourself. It is easier to flip flop around and be tossed by others.  It takes strength and strong character to be what you think you should do for yourself.
I may be alone, but I will be true to me! (Somehow, I do not see my being alone, for when you have the needs and feelings of others at the focal point, you somehow get it right!)

On another page: John Hanson benefit was a success, he celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary today, such victories but the dawnings may be fewer than before.

John Del and Del, III: the traveling duo, went to Ole Miss, Bama, Auburn,Emory-Oxford and Clemson on a week long roadtrip that will change all our lives forever.  I think the "trees" of one particular campus won his heart.....Loved having them here, visit way too short..

I have seven packets left in my bowl for those of you who are keeping the countdown to download of the baby McGee (at least that is my guess...)

Til next time.......

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. This post is a great way to start the work week!