Friday, March 5, 2010 least, I tried

When the final tally is done at the end of the day, how do your measure you successes? Is it my the size of the deposit? Is it the number of hits on the site? Is it the effort you gave to everything that was slammed at you? Or, is it the proper coursing of navigating your chosen minefield?
Mothers are really held to the fire in the outcome of their children since they have the most influence in the early years. I heard of a mom who said,  "at least I tried. I began my naming with most powerful, influential name I could remember ever hearing.  I named my baby girl 'Monarleaiser'.".This lady tried to set her child apart even from the beginning.  She had seen a photograph of a famous painting that the wealthy and successful people knew about.  She thought that was such a sweet, but memorable name, and she wanted all that for her baby.  She tried; and I think that is the best you can demand of yourself.

My husband was reading the "Power of Pause".  When he finished he said that it looked like he was already doing most of that. However, that a pause could be an excuse for laziness.  When I shared with him that a DVD player, when it is in pause, is still "on". Hummm think about it.

So sad about the man who was on the suicide mission at the Pentagon.  I looked that word up in my 1936 Merriam Webster and when used as a metaphor, can be " the willful destruction of one's self interest".
How many times do we commit suicide, metaphorically?  Thank goodness many of these missions of ours are not as "absolute" as the main definition of intentional  self killing. What prisons our minds can be.

Want some really great goatmilk soap? Check with my cousin, BobbieCarol, Annie's Soap Barn,
Now this is a mom who tried and is still succeeding.
This is Blondie, the Nubian goat who started it all....

Going to get hay today up at Joe and Gloria's. Will probably have a tale to tell tomorrow.
I was just watching out my window at how loving my alpaca mamas are to their crias.  I hope my own "cria" knows how much I love her!

Til next time.......

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