Monday, March 15, 2010

Ides of March

Et tu Brute? Remember these words? You either learned it in your Latin class or heard them in a classic Richard Burton film about Cesare, the Roman guy.
The Ides of March marks a date that cautions you to watch your back.  It is also a message to watch the back of your loved ones or your friends. Just think, how different would history be if someone really watch the back of this Cesare? Or in any case, how would things be different if events in your life had been the opposite of what they turned out to be?
These may be forks in the road? Study or not? Choice of education route? Marriage partner, illness?

Whatever these choices may have been; they are part of the past.    What you have now is what you are today.  You may not truly appreciate it, but reality check is good for you.  Many of the choices we made are super, these we relish and are thankful for. 
I guess it gets back to how you look at things; 
Half full or half empty?
Today is brand new; it is the middle of the month, goals are still within your reach.
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CARODEL FARM: reality check: We are shearing in a few weeks and yesterday I looked at toenails of the alpacas and thought, humm, if I will go ahead and trim those, give them their monthly meds ahead of time, shearing time will go faster.  Then I thought agian, if we do this all at shearing time, it will be less stress on the alpacas! So who is more important? My time schedule or their having less stress from the human? Pregnant females are the high point of this consideration. you will find that as an alpaca farmer, shearing is your harvest.  It is the proof of your breeding choices.  It is where you learn if you are meeting what the market needs in terms of fiber for the emerging  textile industry of alpaca in North America.  It is a very important time, so patronize me for a a few more weeks!

Speaking of pregnant females:  The crystal bowl with the Equal packets is now down to 12.  That is the date I have guessed for our new grandson to appear! Helped her arrange the clothes that her friends had passed down and new ones. 
Good grief there was an abundance.  Enough for 6 changes per day for a week plus the same came to my house in case I am on duty here. And that is just the newborn size...

Cannot believe the generosity of others.

I can see Heather "nesting". 

And on that note, we have three baby chickens that hatched.  They have been in the incubator for 21 days and are now in a box with the heatlamp over them.  The cats are going crazy trying to figure out where the peeps are coming from.

Speaking of grandson, Lea was here for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed him.  He is ready for Afrika!

Upon departure, his grandfather said, "you are a very smart young man, but not wise yet. Keep listening to the older generation and try not to repeat our mistakes, but revel in the successes.".

John Hanson is in the hands of God, think he is about to go Home.
I think Christians are sometimes thinking they are being blasphemous to not hold out for miracles and speak not of death as a welcomed state. I am quite the opposite, I think preparing for death is as much an event as living life.  My heart is very heavy, but almost a bit envious that he will be at perfect peace.

Til next time.......

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