Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have often wondered what the phrase "humpday" really meant. I guess if you looked at the week of work as a bell curve, then Wednesday would be the pinnacle or high point of the curve and then the last two days would be the downhill side. As they say, "heading for the weekend".
Some even measure it by when they go to church. Sunday might be the main day with Wednesday night as a booster for the rest of the week.

What if you worked only Monday through Thursday? Would Tuesday afternoon be the hump? What if you only worked weekends? Where is your hump? And then there is those of us who work everyday; that is, if you are a farmer, where would our pinnacle be? I think it is where- ever you need it to be.

When do you need that little thought of "push me" ? I am on the home stretch!
My pinnacle was the end of our alpaca birthing season. This past year it went from September to January. And, believe you me, I was spent. Really spent. Never again!

That brings me to the real reason for the hump in the middle of your whatever. It is a time to renew and reflect on where you have been and how far it might be to your goal.

Sometimes it is so far out there you cannot invision. So take small windows of looking, set this time for making sure that the rest of the journey is filled with great stuff.

So, how is this day working for you? It is only a few hours old and if it is on a roll, keep your head focused.  If it seems to be a "pit" day, go to the locker room, have a counseling session with yourself and set a new course.  Not to late for it to be great.....
All you sales people out there:  may your calls be successful and the deposits wonderful! Even you banking folks!
Pray for the sick, the helpless, the homeless and the dear girls out there that think they are less than perfect!
God does not make mistakes....
Til next time........

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