Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday soiree

Before the shoot:  Mark Benner, DMD, is a friend of ours. He is way too cool.  He can do anything.  He loves most to entertain folks and make sure all are having a good time.  You have to pay your own way but he is the organizer and I love that.  We are going to middle Georgia to do a tower shoot of pheasant.  Chartres, the Boykin Spaniel gets to go too.  She is sitting here by me almost like she knows we are getting ready to leave. As we enjoy our day in this wonderful March weather we are having, I will forward the experiences we have with this "one of a kind"...

Day of the shoot:  Do you know of the All-American breakfast in the field? Jerky and Mountain Dew!
What a glorious day we had.  The skies were clear, air brisk and dogs on ready.  Not to mention the men.  Half the group was medical, the other half were retired FBI.GBI and SWAT.  Now those dudes operated entirely differently.  Know what it means to look someone in the eye? These men, were masters of that.  Seems like all were sizing you up to see if you were who you said you were.  The ascertaining look of uncovery.  Are you a drug smuggler? Running from the IRS? Ivory smuggler?Terrorist in woman's hunt and blaze orange. ( Yeah I would like to see that one!).
But, moreover they were super cautious, checking out everything from the safety of the wagon, the efficiency of the gun bearers, safety of guns as folks were loaded up on the wagon, to the escape route.  Even though they were retired, never were they off duty.
Had with us  a friend who is on the DNR, sad day, poachers in our Oconee National Forest.  He was having to deal with that issue and I think they caught 'em!  You would not believe how the folks who are protecting our woods, are really protecting all of us!

Chartres; What a dog.  She is fearless. Retrieve her magnanimous share and very proud to bring them to the proper spot and "drop it".
Met a lady name Lennette.  She was wearing a vintage apron with a CocoaCola logo.  You all do know that the original recipe came from Georgia and that the national headquarters are in Atlanta? Keep buying, I have a ton of their stock!!  Anyhow, I found a site through my friend Janie who owns, with her mom Mary Patrick,,/ manufacturers of the Beaufort Bucket Bonnet.  This is  a darling bucket hat for little kids.  Mary made them for her children and now they are on the market.  As I was saying, got a link to a lady who is taking vintage aprons and making them available for 2010, with ideas from 1950 when all cooks wore an apron in the kitchen.  Must have been a really messy job then! I told Lennette if she wanted to sell that apron to put a row of lace on the bottom, wrap it in pretty paper and she would have an asset.  She said, "No,Mam, this be my favorite and it goes nowhere but wid me,"  I think she was very proud of that apron for it was a gift; and gifts are very important not to be taken for granted.

If you have any old aprons you want to get rid of send them to us.

Would like for you to look beyond the obvious.  I know this was said earlier this week, but I am firmly committed to doing that.  If you look at the surface you see one thing, with another look with deeper eyes, a whole world opens up.  For example, look at the pheasant.  The overall view is spectacular.   Look at the intricacies of the feathers.  God must have an immeasurable palette....
You are immeasurable, know it.

Til next time............

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