Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday repair

What is it about Sunday that causes us great peace or unsual anxiety?
It took me a long, long time to get over the anxiety of Sunday.  for years, I would have to say goodbye to someone and return to wherever.  When I was in college, I was packing up and returng to school where the Gulf States Paper Company was always cranking out these acrid fumes to welcome all of us back to school. Took me years to put up the books or not feel guilty for not being cloistered somewhere studying.  Sunday has been a day of goodbyes when you would leave from a happy rendezvous, a special place of respite to return to your daily habits and job.
Sunday has always been the day before the week of exams, midterms,and finals.  I often wondered whether my teachers were as anxious about delivering the tests as I was about taking them? Probably not.
Sundays were the end to good times. Sundays were the days we got those forboding luscious til next time kisses.  Tears streaming down the face as each left the parking lot, God would there ever be peace?

Yes.....time took care of everything.

Now that I am older and more secure in what lies ahead, I look at Sunday as the first of the week. It is a day of repair, renew and refresh. It is the beginning of a new week with a set of tasks and accomplismenst.  It is a day to refresh the body, do a mayonnaise treatment on the hair, lay out clothes for the next week's adventures.  This coming week will be full of encourging challenges with my mother, and of course waiting on Fuz. 
Who is Fuz? The anticipated arrival of a new being to our midst has not been given a name yet.  Ross, the SIL and daughter call him Fuz=Future Us.  Clever?
Have been trying to come up with a name like Fuzian, Fuzmore,Fuzgerald, but that is not working too well.

Husband picked some of those glorious camellias from his garden today.
I put them on the bronze HumpBackWhale for display. These are Gigantea. the dark copper-red one is Mrs. Charles Cobb.  I am here to tell you we have over 200 cultivars on this farm. They are in full bloom now.
Learned a lot about whales from him this week, that some like warm oceans, others like cooler, some like both. They are majestic.  Wish they could be left alone to thrive, but humans are just too curious.
Hope your Sunday is going great. Just remember, all things pass.  Savor them all. Make memories. In the midst of all you will find your peace.
Make your life great no matter what day it is.

Hugs to my brothers and their families, have to get a get together  planned when Fuz gets here!
Have you hugged an alpaca today? You do not know what you are missing. They gotta be kin to angels.

Til next time...................

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