Monday, March 29, 2010

Party-David Allen style!

Why is it that we wait until a funeral wake to tell someone how much they are loved and appreciated?
 I think that is way too late.

 I am recommending that all of you, on your next birthday, do what our friend, Dr. J.David Allen did.

1.   THROW YOURSELF A PARTY! Seated  preferably
2.   Invite friends. Put birth date on FB so that those who cannot come will be reminded of your day.
3.   No gifts, unless they know you love single malt scotch or CABO Wabo!
4.   Have in a location so as not to stress yourself (or wife )about catering
5.   No entertainment to clog the friendly vibes or compete.
6.   Be your own D.J
7.   Use place cards.
8.  Tell all your family and guests how much you appreciate them, this is your party so you can start
      the toasting.
9.   The toasting will begin automatically. Some will be prepared, others will be impromptu. Some
      will have waited a life time to tell you some things, or remind you of past antics.  Be prepared,
10.  It is now open season on the birthday person.....
11.  Adjourn before it gets too rowdy! Even among ladies and gentlemen, constraint is a virtue.

This is a suggested Order of the Event.

Of course, you could have a virtual birthday party and invite the whole world on Facebook; now that would be in keeping with the times and keeping the event green without spending the green!

You may hear those things that you wished you could hear, but the best part is that folks get to say things to you while you are upright and not horizontal or in some oriental urn on a pedestal with a bunch of folks in robes standing around.

You might want to repeat this in a few more years and see if folks have anything different to say !

And to those of you who have friends that may not want to go this route, remember their birth dates.  There are all sorts of ways to be reminded.  Even FB has a place for birthdates and will send all your friends a reminder! Even better!

In any event celebrate the day you were born, it truly is memorable (especially to your mother!) and should be treated with respect.

Speaking of birthdays.......sometime between now and Wednesday another birth is anticipated.....God speed little fella...Dolly

Til next time.

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