Monday, March 22, 2010


Paula Deen's spring issue has an article entitled "brow intervention"  Now I have heard that word used in other venues but not regarding eyebrows.  As I read and studied the age-old technique of how eyebrows are best designed (tweezed), I thought that this article may be a turning point.
Your eyes are the window to your soul.  They are set apart and framed by the eyebrows.
You have to get this one right to maximize your facial expressions.
 If you follow the instructions as to where the brow is to begin, to end, and designate the arch, many of us would look totally different and maybe be perceived differently just with management of this area of body hair.
Now take the guy or gal who has a uni-brow, hair from ear to ear  How can you tell their expression? How do you know if they are happy or ticked? Serious or jovial?
My motto now (after follow the money) is follow the arch! I can get a better read on your intent if I can read your arch, sort of like tea leaves?
I have an acquaintance that I am confident uses a Sharpie to color her brows.   Her arch follows the muscle above the eye so she always looks startled! If she could soften the color and re-position the arch I would promise you that Lauren Bacall would have a twin.
Many times you cannot get a read on what to remove.  This article has two product lines that have templates for filling in and removing.  Tons of articles are out there on this topic.  It is so revealing as to how your face looks totally different with a new arch design.
I think folks who have dark eyebrows have a different challenge than us blondies.  The neatness of their appearance can be so distracting if brows are not well groomed.  Plus, you can tell a real blond from a wanna be by their brows!
Most of the time men just need taming but what about these guys that think Francis X.Bushman is a role model for those brows that stick out beyond their zygomatic bone? They need to get their act cleaned up. Nothing grosser for a lady to have to deal with in her main squeeze.  (Do not get me started on nose and ear hairs!)
I would dare say that if you have bangs, you neglect this attribute of your face.  Right?
It is one of the stonger defining parts, next to the eye color, lip plump and nose angle.  If any of these are not perfect, change you brow angle, guaranteed difference.
Those of us who are blonds have a different problem, you cannot see our brows.  We have to tattoo, brush with powder or other techniques to define our eyes.  It is quite a challenge not to go overboard and have a drawn line that looks like a Madame Alexander doll.
I believe in calling it like it is.  This is something even your best friend would not tell you.  As if you would listen.  Think about it.  Look in the mirror and see if your eyes are displayed at their best, no matter the color. 
You can have a great painting but if it is not framed to depict the artist's intent, then it may go unnoticed.
That is all I have to say about that......

All good in Georgia today. My Congressman is coming home from D.C.after a battle royale to complete his quest for Governor.
Thanks Nathan for nearly two decades of service.

Til next time...............

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