Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who is that in the mirror?

Wish you could meet my Aunt Jeanne.  She has a contagious laugh that spreads until tomorrow.  She has learned to use the computer for generating address labels for letters, copying great photograph albums, and trying to keep her older sisters in the communication loop.  Not too successful there, but A+ for effort. She has a place in the hills of Arkansas that surely God lives there.  I am sure she would prepare Him a plate if He ever sat still long enough while taking care of all of us.
She is my mirror of all things family...

You will never believe what I did yesterday. I ironed! I actually sprinkled, put in the refrigerator for days, rolled out the big terry cloth towel and pressed those beautiful napkins for the next party.  I love the smell of linen being ironed.  They even make a fragrance called Fresh Linen that is to replicate those great smells. Like newly ironed bed sheets.  Of course, yours are ironed,aren't they? Every Southerner knows that freshly ironed sheets give the most peaceful sleep known to man.  Gotta have high count Egyptian cotton sheets for best results.  You will miss the alarm, guaranteed.

Looked out my kitchen window yesterday and this is the most peaceful, awing view to see those lovely alpacas lowing in the afternoon sun. What is the view from your kitchen window? Or do you even have a window there?  If not, put up a mirror.  You have to be able to see reflection so that this area does not become a prison of sorts.

What I really like about Nathan Deal in the Georgia Governor's mansion is that we will get Sandra in the First lady's seat and she will do some kind of reaching out.  What a state treasure for all of us!

Have you seen so many robins? My front yard for the last week has been covered up.  There must be over 100 of them; eating grubs i hope.  Better leave some for the bluebirds.  They are carnivores,did you know that?

Just a thought:  Who is the butter for your bread? The breath of your life? You may have to write your choices down, do a sort and come up with an answer.  When you are asked this again, when you have given credence to your thoughts,you will not have any hesitation to give the answer. 
Know yourself.  Who is that in the mirror?     That is the challenge.

Til next time.........

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