Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Measure twice; cut once

Only a surgeon would automatically know what the title to this writing is all about.
To give you the background, I was discussing with my husband a concern of mine.  I have a job of protecting my daughter's privacy and wishes, to the extent that I am given the duty.  There are a lot of other people in her life that may think they have as rightful a place at her side, equal to mine, her mother.
She is having surgery , a Ceasarean section tomorrow and I know how she is when she comes out of sedation. I know she says and exhibits feelings that she is remorseful for after it is over.  In order to protect her privacy and the health of a new baby, I am dreading that some of the extended family and her girl friends will think they are exempt from an edict as if I am  the Mother Superior.
Once she is over the nausea and the baby is deemed safe and sound, then she can be her own protector.  Even her husband has not seen this side of her.
My husband, the wise sage that he is, said "Measure twice, cut once".
That means if you think you are about to do something (or say something) that might be irretrievable, think about it twice, if it is still a good move, then go for it.  However, do give it the benefit of two passes by. Once you cut (speak), it is done. Especially important when you are a surgeon and cutting tissue; there is no going back
I will heed that advice. I just hope that no one pushes my buttons on this for I too, indeed, am very concerned about the whole event and pray that others will give her the privacy and due respect, including the extendeds.  I guess that some folks though, think they are on equal footing with the blood mama. Not.
I know that the new being is shared genes, but that is as far as it goes. No inherent rights and privileges other than padding his college fund, please!
But, then again, if I do not have the authority to help her in this manner, I may join the ranks of the exiled too!
I guess I had better think twice about posting this for they read my writings and I would be in the cooker for sure!
Maybe I will have to redo my will if necessary.

No matter, welcome sweet baby. You and Dolly will work this out.

May your journey be safe and perfect.

See you around 8 AM 3/31/10!

Til next time.......

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