Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skyline Chili Parlor

In our self-pity because we do not have enough of whatever:    ( money,smarts,physique,material possessions,offspring, offspring that are doing what they are supposed to be doing, sales calls, deposits,cooperative staff, someone who watches your back,votes,touchdowns,invites) we forget to appreciate what is already ours. Pouting is not very becoming!
Take a deep breath, look around you and appreciate.
It may not be perfect but until you appreciate what you have and where you are, God just may not honor the next step til you like the one He has given you.
I was reminiscing this AM about trips that Heather and I would make to Cincinnati which was about an hour plus a few from where we were living. 
She and I would get into a Ford Pinto which was this heinous yellowish mustard color, like a school bus, and make a road trip to the zoo. We were watching this mama tiger who had her kits in captivity.  Each time we would go ,we would see that they were bigger and then separated and gone their own path.
Anyhow, back to the car, I cannot begin to tell you how I really did not like that car. It was very compact, no insulation, no safety devices.  Seatbelts were for holding in the booster chair. 
Now that she is a mom-to-be, Heather is now going to her classes at the hospital about the proper way to put it a baby's docking station for the car seat.  The police were there to make sure it was done right!  They will not let you take the baby home unless they see that the car seat is fitted properly "in the back".
Yikes, how dangerous was this to have a little one in the front seat, not buckled in and no one making a big deal about it.  I do see the importance, but did we really lose a lot of little kids that way?
Surely this issue of car seats did not happen without cause.  I wonder what else we were not doing that has led to current problems?  I still think that these guys who have cancer young in life might have been from eating too many poptarts, or sugar coated cereals or kool-aid. Only in hindsight will we know. 
One of the highlights, while we were on our little road trip, was to stop at the Skyline Chili Parlor for a 5-way! Heather, being only 3, would like "pas-sketti and cheese".  Always served in these oval shape ceramic dishes made it all the more mystique.
I am serving that dish Friday PM for the grandson, Lea, who is coming to stay for a few days.  I think it is really great that he will share his spring break with us.  Me, I was headed for Panama City Beach! To the Hangout! anyone remember that place?
In case any of you who are wondering why I am writing and sending this to you is that you might have a few moments to glimpse into someone's elses experiences and thoughts and maybe give you a little boost to recognize who you are and why you are here. 
Remember the good stuff and thank God for all your gifts.  For God will honor a faithful servant.
Yep, I drive a much bigger, better car now.  I am thankful for those formative years, makes you appreciate things as you are blessed. who knows, the way things are going, I may wish for that heinous yellow Pinto; got really great gas mileage! Could pick it out in the parking lot with ease!
There is always something great about all things. 
Thanks for the editing LR
Til next time......

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  1. There is much wisdom in your post today. The appreciation angle is the key. Being wealthy is not about what's in your bank account, it's how you feel about what you have. And...btw, I survived without ever being in a car seat. And according to today's regulations, my 12-year-old daughter should be strapped to a booster seat because she weighs less than 80 lbs. ;-)