Friday, March 26, 2010

Thomas P. Hinman and John Hanson

In the header for today, there is a connection.
On Thursday around 6:30 PM a big "G:, popped up on my iphone.  It was from my brother John Giles in Alabama.

Before 6:30 PM
My dentist husband and I had a day of looking at the newest in dentisty. Totally cool water pik for the shower!
The Thomas.P. Hinman meeting is the most prestigious dental meeting in the world.
Know what branding is? Well if you do not, it is very important.  The Hinman meeting got a brand new look.  It is an educational meeting, so they used brick /mortar wall motif and Corinthian column look to kiosks, new colors of sand and bluebird egg blue. The greatest part though was the title: HINMAN, and it was in the doctor's penmanship ( he passed a long time ago).  Way too creative by the Freeman Company. While we were in the opening ceremonies, the folks out in the lobby were taking down the old and putting up the new.  Transformation in feeling of professionalism was accomplished.

The guest speaker was Frank Abagnale, Jr.
 Ring a bell?
 Leonardo diCaprio/Tom Hanks?
 "Catch Me If You Can"!
 The speaker for the afternoon was this character.  His message was brilliant, succinct and very clear.  Be a good parent....He did not want to have to choose between his divorcing parents so he ran away and made his living.  Served prison terms in France, Switzerland and USA. Has been and still is with FBI for 36 years, way beyond his sentence.  He is truly an ambassador for parenting and I really like him.
Very patriotic theme to meeting with GOD being recognized; in any way you deemed proper.
Dentists are such gentle people.

Move forward now to dinner at Panos Karatassis restaurant KYMA. The text that  came earlier that I mentioned said, as I knew it would soon; John Hanson died....he and and his gathering of angels went HOME.......
Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts of this truly great human being, I shall miss him.

Til next time...

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