Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is a maxim, (maxim [mak′sim] noun. a concisely expressed principle or rule of conduct, or a statement of a general truthwritten ) by a 17th century French nobleman, Francois de LaRochefoucauld: 

                     "Neither the sun nor death can be looked at steadily. "

The reason why we argue so much against  maxims is that they expose the human heart, and that we ourselves are afraid of being exposed by them." think about that......

As I write to you morning, it is snowing and those  huge flakes are collecting so beautifully.
I have an acquaintance that is very, very  heavy of heart.  Her name is Marsha.  She lost her husband on Sunday 2/28/10.  He was having a blast on a four wheeler on the coast of Georgia. Suddenly, all things changed forever.  We need to remember this lady.  She has a way of writing and saying things that do not always get the results that she intended.  She has a talent for rubbing you the wrong way. And this she admits to doing.
When it is tragedy that hits home, all need to lay down the weapons of massive self-destruction and pray for her to have her resolve.  I agree with the maxim quoted.  I have tried to look at the sun with a steady eye and quickly learn it is no match for this human.  Death has its power that you cannot dwell on it steadily.

There is a precious young woman, who is in my daughter's trilogy of best friends from elementary school.  She is facing unsurmountable decisions.  I wish I had a magic eraser that would make it all go away.
When Heather was little, I asked her what she wanted more than anything in the world.  Thought it was safe to ask an 8 year old that question.  What she told me, rocked me back.  She wanted a friend she had known all her life.  Wow, whammer, there was no way I could do that since we had moved to several cities in those few years and I could no more succeed in that wish  if I were  the Queen Mother with a magic wand.
When we moved to Gainesville, GA, she got her wish.  It just had to take 30 years for her to realize that she did have friends she had known all her life! So when you make a wish, it might not be revealed right away, it may just take a little time.

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