Saturday, March 27, 2010

The DollyLama


Question: What will I want my new grandson to call me? He is due 3/31/2010!

I.  As all of you may know or have guessed, I have a farm.  On this farm the livestock we have as breed stock is the Lama paco, better knows as the alpaca. 

II. Last week, I was clearing out my brain of some old beliefs, turning them around to see the truth of my thinking, I was reminded of an important sidebar by TW .  She said, " now the Dalai Lama would think of that as a gentle precious soul, emerging and blossoming in his own unique way."
I was floored by the pure approach.  My being judgmental was not the way this great man who is best recognized for his sayings, teachings and beliefs and his saffron colored robes of the monks of Tibet would have declared.

I am now approaching all that I think about is how would the Dalai view this?

III.  My mother called Heather, the new Mommy to be, " Dolly " when she was a little girl.
Let's pull these three thoughts together and you will see we now have a name...

This is the revelation:  I should like to be called "Dolly" so as to remind me to continually think, what would the Dalai say, or do in all situations.

Heather told me that Ross, the hubby, would probably call me "DollyLama" to kind of put all the worlds together.

That will be just fine. I am sure that the new grand will begin speaking with 4 syllable words and not mess around with beginner baby jibber talk.....
Now wouldn't that be something?

You can try this one on for size.  It works so well, and I love the simplicity and direction I get when I reflect on what would the Dalai think about this? Sincerely, I challenge you to try it on the next negative thought you have.......

We are shearing our herd of alpacas today.  This will go rather fast and be done for another year.  I have decided not to shear the suri crias.  It is supposed to rain on Sunday and get cold.  This always happens when they get those big fur coats off.  But better for them to be too cool than hot...remember their roots?
I am looking forward to the harvest.

Til next time

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