Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miracle Imaging

This is Baby McGee.  He weighed  8# 5 oz  when this image was taken on 3/27/2010.  Who does he favor?
Is this not incredible? I think he is a very smart boy; he already seems to be thinking about something that will change the world ! (sayeth the Dolly).
The ultrasonographer says he has hair! That would be a first for us blondies from across the pond. This I have to see.
Heather, Ross and I went to First Impressions on Saturday.  Had discussed doing this earlier, but it got by in the melee'.  Heather realized that she was within 100 hours of download and better get 'er done.  This  is an incredible technology.  His head is down, in position, and not moving too much out of his cubby hole for it is countdown. Ross and Heather were speechless. Now that the suitcase has been re-packed, again, I think my daughter is ready......

This topic stands alone.
Til next time.........

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