Saturday, February 27, 2010

The artist in you

Has anyone ever asked you if  you are an artist? do you paint? or sculpt? or watercolor?  Your answer should be yes.  For in all of us is an artist; some better than others.  If you put on make-up, you are an artist. If you can cook , you are an artist.  If you paint a room, or design a child's play space, you are an artist.  so you see, you do not have to have canvas to prove that you have creative genes.
One of my teachers, Bill Jameson led a class one time where I learned to see the colors beyond the obvious.  This class has stuck with me in that I look beyond the obvious in a lot of things.  I think one of the greatest lessons we can learn is to see beyond the obvious in those around us.  There is such depth, you just have to be aware.  Be responsive to the needs and feelings of others as my my dear one says all the time..
Some see two dimensionally, others see way into futuristic images like that machine on "Bones" that will give you a virtual image if you have the given "markers".  My friend, Jane, took a scuplting class at our art center.  She was hooked.  She has now gone to many classes in forensic sculpting.  I am probably not using the right terms, but I am a novice, forgive.  Jane now has a studio at her home that her husband built for her.  She goes to forensic courses in order that her clay might give the public an image that someone might recognize. She diligently goes to scuplting classes every week in Atlanta.  I think she just likes nude bodies!
Anyhow, they uncovered a skull of a lady several years ago, not too far from here and it was in the sheriff's office forensic files.  Jane asked about it and they let her get the markers of the bones and she rebuilt that lady's head.  I was shocked at what the bones will tell you. Unfortunately after running the clay figure in the paper, no one claimed that they knew her.  She had a huge gash across her forehead.  Do not think she laid down by the tracks without someone's bad act.  Last PM Jane was talking with us and got into a discussion about how to tell  race,  age, and/or gender just looking at the palate.  My husband, being a dentist, perked up his ears at the mention of dental anatomy.
Now, we may have a hobby brewing outside of his camellia expertise.  He said he had been carving on teeth, flesh and bone for years and he was ready to work with something that did not bleed!
Let me assure you, I will probably have to learn get involved in this new venture for if there is any looking at nude bodies, count me in!

My teacher, Bill also illustrated the cover and insert pages of the cookbook "Charleston Receipts", my second all time favorite cookbook. The photo above is the one he did for us of the woodside, our favorite mountain place, in Highlands,NC.

Let me share a cool recipe that I learned from Derek last PM. So easy, I could not believe.

Beer Batter Bread
2 1/2 C flour
1 Tbsp baking powder
16 oz of a dark beer, or light whichever you like
1 Cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together and put into a pan prepared with pan-release.
Bake 350 degree for 30 minutes.
This was served with Chili and Rice with a spinach salad that had strawberries, blu cheese and a light vinaigrette dressing.  Perfect evening supper for a cold night in Georgia enjoyed by friends and girl-friends!

Pray that Derek gets the perfect teaching job.  Mary, his wife is Rector at a precious church in Toccoa, GA. Two baby girls and life is good.

The sculpture above is from an artist from Venezuela.  The oldest daughter, Laura, used to live there and we found this magnificant piece at his studio.  Wrapped it up and brought it home.  It sits in various places around our home.  Have to move it sometimes when little people come, they want to touch it.  The form is a goal we all should have for the perfect proportioned torso.

Greetings to my friend, Mary Bell, hope the healingis perfect.....
Tomorrow is the date I think they will memorialize our alpaca whisperer, Jack. Remember Jean and the family left behind.
John Hanson is covered by the ever loving wings of faith.....his race is not over.
Til next time ......................

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