Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NO SERVICE.....hummmm

This past weekend we traveled to a very popular area of the USA, but in this one spot, my much touted cell phone service had a message....NO SERVICE...Could not believe it, I had connectivity in South Africa,but not here? However, I had a wake-up call from my husband when he said "I am glad". 
For you see, this i-whatever has become like an umbilical cord to me.  I panic if I leave the driveway and it is not in its place.  I get real antsy if I am out of touch with my family for a baby is near due. I feel very responsbile for my farm and my helper many times has to get in touch with me.  The vet is always calling with a report. My mother is getting very aged.  My brothers travel and I fear I may not be available to help. We have in-laws, outlaws, grands, Aunt C's collectibles of neices and nephews to consider.
Then again, .........I like checking the email, Facebook et al, so maybe this little handheld is a pacifier?
At this point in my life it is also a part of my management team to handle the advertising, follow up on leads, be aware of market changes, be available for appointing visitors to look at breeding stock.
What I learned was my priority of being entertained was interferring with actual communicating verbally to meet the needs of the most important part of my life!  Got to set the priorities; set aside the time for "tending to the knittin'" as Miss Veda used to say.  At least for a getaway date, the NO SERVICE was welcomed and the peace was overwhelming! Enjoyed my hubby too!

I have a lot of acquaintances who are not orignally from the South.  These people seemed to always enjoy the company of southerners for they say we are gentile, have a soothing voice, seems to be always upbeat and have a passion for family. They always seem to learn to love our foods and the symbols of hospitality as they traverse our part of the world.  I have been thinking of the many icons that we cherish and thought I would offer them up to you for your remembrances of childhood and what might have had a play in your up-bringing.
The first I want to share this date is Fig Preserves.  Mostly grown in the real southern USA, we have five varieties on this farm, one of them being yanked up out of my Daddy's yard right after his funeral; transplanted here and producing like a fool!
It is the Brown Turkey variety.  My husband wanted to make room in the freezer for his quail and brought me several bags I had frozen.  I cooked them off on Sunday evening with thin slices of lemon and sugar, of course, and they are scrumptious.  When you come to visit, you will get a jar! The art of canning and preserving is ancient.  It is something anyone can do, with just a few pointers and some utensils. Come on over and I will teach you!
I think Fig Preserves are superb with Asian food.  Remember that red dye-laden duck sauce that they put by that screaming hot Chinese mustard? Yep, subsitute the figs and you are good to go.  I like to take the figs, mix with soy sauce and Italian dressing for a marinade for duck, quail, dove and fajita beef slices. Slap on the grill for a few minutes, and you have a Martha Stewart moment right before you!

Go USA.....gold is my favorite color  today!!

Pray for John Hanson; cancer therapy is stealing him from us......

Til next time............

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