Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Enthusiasm; how rare a sighting

On Sunday, I was blessed to be in the presence of two enthusiatic women. Two separate occasions. two separate reasons but nonetheless, remarkable.

This has nothing directly to do with alpacas, but has a lot to do with perceived happiness and satisfaction.
The first was Kristy, our professional caterer friend.  Saw her last time in June at daughter's (Heather)wedding.  She came to our house to plan the menu for the baby shower! I opened the door and to my amazment and tearful hello was a woman who had dropped nearly half of her self, some 135# in 8 months!
No stomach stapling, no banding, no drugs, no hypnotist, just solid nutrition principles applied to her life.  She is writing all this down for I am her first coaching client! So well founded and not crazy obsessed with her new body.  This is the freaky thing that happens when women loose a lot of weight, they become obsessed with the new them, to ad nauseum, and do not just flow with it.  I have seen the path of changes weight loss can bring. They leave their husbands, they venture off into waters that would have been taboo before, but sometimes that is not all bad! She was in a size M sweater dress, all the 2 X stuff was gone, and most balanced and gracious.  She says she has 18# more to go, but she is not stopping, she is just doing the right thing. However, her enthusiasm just bubbled out of her, She was glad she was healthier, she was glad she could do things that were nigh to impossible before. That was joyful to see someone who could not stop smiling at a successful attempt at a difficult task.
The second bubbly person was a mom of three at the McDonald's playground.  I could see how she managed her 9 and 7 year old (20 months apart) and a 5 month old as she was unloading her SUV.  She took this piece of fabric that she called a Maya Wrap and put that baby in there and in they came to order their Sunday treat. (Daddy had just left on the airplane "to go to work"). Now the reason I know all this is that I went into the playground and introduced my self and asked if I could see how that baby sling was put together.  (The instructions to make one can be found on the web site of Maya Wrap.) But what I want to share with you is her enthusiasm that someone noticed how good she was at being a mom.  She went into demonstration mode as to how to wrap it, what its versatile attributes were and how it has lasted through three babies!  You know, if she had one of every color, I would have bought them right there.  She was so positive and convincing of her belief in this product.   I wanted one just to carry my dog around in! but I guess I will really wait for Baby McGee!
I was so encouraged for I had a full bait of CNN and all the world stuff that I wondered where is our "happy self"?  I found it; in two unsual meetings...
Your clients are wanting to see that enthusiasm for your progeny or product, even if it is just you!! Actually is that not what we are selling?
Til next time......


  1. Thank you for an encouraging post. I think my kids are the start products in my business...haven't figured out how to monetize them but one day I may. Actually, now that I think about it, coaching is a lot like being an enthusiastic and supportive mom for my clients. ;-)

  2. LM: so glad to hear from you. I would think your clients would find acceptance and understanding yet at the same time rewarding for you. You are compassionate and I really, really think your clients will know this and trust will flow. To my followers: Google: Mixonian and be ready to get enthusiatic about yourself and those around you.