Thursday, February 4, 2010


Was listening to Martha Stewart radio  and the guest spoke of the "power of pause".
Have been thinking about this and realize that many times we feel like the air has to be full of words and noise.
Quiet does have its place.  As does gentility.


This is very uncomfortable for those who are in "sales mode", or in full court press to get their point across or be elevated.  Clients are entertained, cajoled, tongue lashed, and kept spinning to ad nauseum that they just might lock you out. Or give you the sale to just shut you up!

"Speak softly  and carry a big stick."
 (Whose quote is this?  Bar of Bobbie Carol's goat milk soap to those who know the right answer, ping me back).

I, for one, like to show the product (the alpaca) and let the buyer discern for themselves.

 I need to give the client  credit that they can see the quality before them.  what is genetically locked up inside? Well, only God knows that and I cannot guarantee a thing in that department

One should strive to be like a lingering fragrance.........
I think trust has a nice fragrance..

Til next time....

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  1. The pause also can bring us back to the present moment -- away from worries about the future and from rehashing the past.