Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday when I was cleaning on the outside of  the barn, I heard a very loud noise on the tin roof.  I was quite startled for I had never heard that sound before.  I went inside to try to sort out the sound.  It took a few seconds to let this course through my brain that it was a massive load of snow leaving the roof and headed straight for me. 
Caught in an avalanche!
That could have been a most interesting outcome if the barrage of snow had not hesitated , giving me a few seconds to react.  My husband said later that he would have come looking for me at some point.  He reminded me that I needed to add a drinking straw to my overall's pocket inventory in case I was trapped under the snow.  Hummm what a nice thought. The barn in the side photo is the one where I was working.
I have started thinking about avalanches in our lives? Do we have a warning and just not hear the oncoming?
Sometimes avalanches may be in the form of a circumstance that we have no authorship, a maturation of a situation, an evolution of a relationship, the persona of a situation or global warming! Whatever it is, I wonder if there were sounds that were not recognized? We all have come to realize that there are some areas that are prone for avalanches.  If you expose yourself to these area, then when it happens, be prepared to have a good escape plan; we know that works for us, don't we?

Visited my mother on Monday and she showed me her two loving cups that she won on Valentine's Day for being 2nd in the beauty contest and 1st in the Most Photogenic!
Even at her age of 87, she is still wowing the crowds. 
Miss Georgia needs to watch out, competition on the horizon!
Mothers are neat creatures, agree?

If you can, make a trip to the Hallmark store, get a coozie.  It is a heart shaped pillow you can heat or cool for your head, neck or chest. 
Lavender sachet, too

On a tender note, our friend John Hansen is undergoing chemo for the big "C" in Montgomery, AL.  He is a young man and dear to my heart. Pray as earnestly as you know how for him. No one can make you laugh like this guy; I would miss that.

Til next time........

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  1. Absolutely awsome. I love your avalanche
    story too. Is this the Macho barn?
    Looks beautiful in the snow. I think I have seen photos of it with snow before, but not this much. Howard who lives at Lake Hartwell, GA said they didn't get much snow--just a powdered sugar dusting. Lake may have prevented a blizzard?jwh