Friday, February 26, 2010

Reality Check

Have you ever had a sobering moment? One in which you wake up and realize that you need to assess current status?  Is it LOW BATT, smell the roses, Oh s----, or OMG moments? I think that the nearing of due dates do that to women.
We are having those checks coming in daily around here. 
The one most prevalent is that we cannot believe we are within 5 weeks of having a new member added to our family! Baby showers, classes to learn every aspect of self and baby care, and sleepless nights.  Well, it is hitting home.  Mothers-to-be get no one told us that when we chose to be female! Mothers get no sleep.  We learn to sleep with one eye open.  We manage our lives with one eye open.  It is a phenomenon that is granted only to this side of the species.  Have to learn to stir the pot on the stove and keep the new cargo safe. Stay tuned as we progress to the grand entrance of something blue!
The mama-2 B has done exceptionally well, very proud of her....

Last evening we were preparing to go to a friend's house to advance their daughter, who is a Rev., and her husband to the next level in the Hospitaller Order of St. John.  If this is not familair to you then does the Knights Templar ring any bells? Same genre of time. Anyhow, they have a two week old little girl.  Do you have any idea how precious life is? My friend is having the time of her life with her "girl-friends" as she calls her three granddaughters.  That tiny little morsel was more sobering to me that I had my reality check!

There is nothing better for your mental health that have live plants around you. I want to share my "gently ignored" orchid with you.  This lovely plant, along with three others, just keeps on blooming long after I have given then little care.  Maybe we "over-focus" on things when they do better with less fussing over.  Now violets, that is a different story.

Well, here he is, the magnificent one.  His name is CDF Cul-de-Sac of Candeaux.  If you follow the Southeastern Alpaca Association, there is a show the first weekend in March and he is offered up as a breeding sire, for charity, to some lucky lady alpaca.  You cannot imagine how glistening his fiber is down in there which is 5 inches off his body.  The architecture of his fiber, his body and his attitude are what the alpaca breeders in the USA are working towards.  Plus, he lives right here with us.  What a macho!

BTW: the photo up top is not the shroud of Turin, it is my new grandson-to-be, can you see his little face?

To continue with my thought vein of southern-ness, the greatest icon is Cornbread.  There are as many recipes as there are cooks!  Main difference: southerners do not put sugar in their cornbread, if you do, then you have jumped loyalties! Might as well have cake! The more coarse the cornmeal, the better, the greasier the bacon drippings, the more authentic it becomes.  The utensil of course is the well-seasoned black cast iron skillet. (Never wash it!).  A seasoned skillet is the best wedding gift ever. The best way to eat cornbread is:   1) in a glass of buttermilk with salt and pepper, 2) collards and pot licker poured over a wedge, 3) along with vegetable soup/or beans.

Meet Montana. This is a really cool cat.  She literally hops and dances as she walks.  I love her soft coat and her secret snuggles that she gives when she chooses.  Only a cat person would know what I am saying!
I know these cats that live here were there when the sphynx was commissioned!


Til next time......

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