Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"It is amazing how facing death sorts out the debris of life and shows you what is really important ."

This statement to me is profound. It is grounding and literally stops you in your steps. Deborah is my sister-in-law for almost 40 years. This is what she wrote to me today when trying to grasp health issues of their friend. This woman of God has left tracks on the lives of people that would dwarf a giant. She and my brother have faced grief that is beyond the pale of understanding to me. They are now facing the life changing reality of cancer of a dear friend. She said," this guy is keeping her on her knees".
I wonder so many times why certain ones are singled out that God wants them home sooner than others. I know that you are not supposed to question the Almighty and His plan, but my human-ness always leaves me a bit short sometimes in the faith category. I cannot imagine my world without any of you.
It is hard for me to fathom that He has a Divine plan for me.  And you ......

I am making a new pact with myself these days. I am sorting out the debris of life. I have started with the surroundings of my home. I began to sort through clothes long left in the closet, maybe someone else can enjoy them. It includes the simplifying of my daily schedule of time management. This also impacts the order of my morning routine, my meal planning and re-connecting with people, even including more quiet time.

You will find being a farmer and caring for living things tends to make you a recluse. I think having gone overboard in this department, and not having balance, threw a lot of mental energy in the wrong direction and debris, like placque on teeth. occurred.
Take a look around and see if you might enjoy this life lesson and feel liberated as I do.....

On an olympic note, my husband quoted a phrase he read last PM:
                   "do not particpate in any sport where there are ambulances at the bottom of the hill."

Til next time ................

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