Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red is a heart connection

I have been thinking about the color red.  As  I viewed the rack of valentine cards this year, they were in a vast array of shades of red.  I saw pinks , rose, tomato red, all the way to port wine red.  I saw younger genre of cards in the brightest colors and the serious deep message cards were in intense hues of red.
Does that tell you something? The more you want to be light about a message, the pigment is not so intense.  When you have a deeper message you put more pigment to the cause.
There was a lady in our town who was an oilist and she ground her own pigment and made her own oil paints.  The deep reds had real gold dust in them and it took a long time to get the pigments ground in a mortar with a  pestle to have a perfect product to add the oil to. She even taught tempera, which had egg in it. She taught in the school of the old masters.
Glassmakers use gold to make ruby colored glass.

Another red, of course there ,is the ruby stone.  Having great connection to the heart , men would give the ruby for wedding ring stones before diamonds were the hot item.

There is a thread of understanding here for us all.  What needs intensity and deep thought process requires time and lots of pigment to get a deeper message across.

When you are up against a challenging situation, stop and think and throw all your resources of your mind at the solution.  This requires a lot of massaging of the solution and lots of your mentalness to come across with a true lasting product of resolve.

If you go will nilly; only to  throw a little thought at something, it is going to be a renegade thought and disappear as does paint that has no true pigment to it.

My thought here is that anything that must be lasting has to be thought out and attention to the details so that it will last the test of time.
Just a thought for your message to your Valentine, even if it is to yourself!

Til next time......

This is my Valentine!!

On a sad note: Prayers to Jean and family; Jack is at peace.  May he be surrounded by our little ones from the herd that are romping in heaven's pastures.


  1. What a cute picture of my daddy! I'm so happy for you both. About your message with the pigment, of course red if my favorite color. But I do think that sometimes in my earnestness to get the deep message across I have made the mistake of trying too hard. On the other hand, with enough love and conviction, your message eventually gets out there.

  2. LM : you are very special. There is a Master Plan for you and I trust you will be complete as you trust in that power. Thanks for you input. Come see us whenever you can break away from all that glorious city that is now your home!