Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dental Fear

My husband and daughter , Heather, are dentists.  They are periodontists. They are high up the chain of practitioners and you really do not want to have the need to be referred to them! Their work is serious stuff. Both of these folks know it and they have to keep their positive wits and know that they are needed, necessary and ultimately appreciated.They are comforting and consoling to many folks who confess that they have a fear of them.
Wow! How would you like that? Someone you have never met is afraid of you? Actually, these patients do not want to ever be in your office! Some have resigned themselves that they are not going to like the message or the messenger.
That is pressure.  That is a tough job to face everyday you go to work where no one in their right mind wants to come see you, hear the diagnosis, and pay you for something they dread.
(This is a daily reality unless you are coming to see Stevie and get your teeth cleaned, dental floss and all sorts of dental samples in a goody bag to take home.) meet these two doctors.  Their patients love them, so it all works out once the fear is gone! Some fears are deep rooted in a bad past experience. They tell me that the bottom line is that you take care of the teeth you want to save! Hummmm.
That leads me to our own lives and interactions with people, after all that is what life is about!
Let's get back to the life around yourself.  Are you in a similar situation where there are those who do not want to be a part of your life or want what you have to offer?  This can be a bummer and lead to depression.
I have come to realize that you cannot worry about other people's opinions.  Their opinions are theirs and you have yours.  You have to be yourself and offer up the best in conviviality, resourcefulness, empathy, and strength in facing the day's offering. (thanks, TW!)  Celebrate you! You are unique and awesome, just accept that, for it is true.
You have to realize that you have to live your life and let others live theirs. Public opinion is necessary only when they are paying you big bucks to act a certain way.  Then you are allowed to be in a charade; if that is the way you want to operate.
Leaders however, will take these negatives and turn them around so that those who have an issue will become a follower. 
Have you seen this ad?  Hope you can read it, but it speaks volumes.

It is human nature to want to be appreciated.  When I was in my other career, i followed a  study that was done on the heirarchy of needs.  Next to human basics being taken care of, having appreciation from the employer was the top desire of an employee.

I do not relish the thought that someone prefers not to be in my presence. However, it may truly be their loss, not mine.  I think you may have a similar thought. 

(Want to thank Nicholas and Emma Peeples for their creative thank you notes.  These two sweet kiddos are our new grands!
Look forward to your visit; let's have a swim party!)

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