Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keep searching

If you can grasp the content of this photo, you will see a cria, baby alpaca, entering under her mama to get her lunch! Not exactly the right entry point but she is searching.  When these babies first stand and look for the milk bar, they weave in and out under the mama and made connection usually within the first hours of life. This is so critical. It is like a dance. The cria has the job of finding it. The mama nudges and hums and clicks to position but normally just stands steady and the baby finds.

So it is with humans.  You have to go get it yourself.  Most things of great reward take seraching, ascertaining, evaluating, following the path, and recognizing when you are there.
In choosing a partner , the search must be diligent, gentle nudging here and there but you have to recognize what is going to work for you.
 In choosing a career path, or a business decision look at all the options and corners and assess what will be the best match up for you.  If you are in between, look behind you, the  best choice of door may be behind you
rather  than the one you have eyed in front of you. (Airplane amusement here)
Success story is great matching of this young couple.......look closely, there are three in this photo!

Had another success this AM, Cynergy got his cast off his rear leg!!
Both the tibia and fibula were snapped in a freak accident.  He has had a bummer of a fall and winter.  He has had to stay in a pasture by himself, next to his buddies,but could not take a chance on another macho rough housing, as they do!  Come see us, we have some really neat machos both suri and huacaya for your breeding choices.....alpacas, of course.
Love his fiber
That is Sergio holding him...

This is Ollie, resting in his glorious colors.  We are so lucky to have him and his offpsring.  Mating season right around the corner and yes they scream at night whne the female is on the nest!  Love it....

Til next time.....................................................

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