Saturday, October 31, 2009


Remember the pumpkin from the previous post that we grew here on the farm?
Well, here she is in her new life.  We took one of the bridal veils and she looked happier than ever.  The fascinator is an alpaca felted piece with a silk magnolia and white coque feathers.  The lady pumpkin to her left is the flower girl.  She is wearing the "Empress" camellia from my husband's garden.  Looks like this model waited too late to go to the periodontist!
Sergio's boys were here this morning, so we gave them the jack'o lantern.

Wanted you to see the foliage here in north Georgia.  Folks come from miles around to "leaf peep" every year.  The footlhills of the Appalachian Trail is ablaze.  This tree is a Sugar Maple over at my mother's retirement condo in Jefferson, GA.  It has such beautiful seasonal foliage that I could not resist this one for your enjoyment.

Ruthie, the R&D sister and I are talking about doing a series of Mourning Veils.  I have seen in some old movies, also Jacqueline Kennedy, and others wear a veil that covers their face during a funeral.  This type of veil serves many purposes which I will cover in the next post.  I will be enlisting the help of other alpaca sisters in suggestions and designs.  Let me know if you want to be in on this collaboration of designs and ideas.  The reason I am coming to this topic is that tomorrow is All Saints Day.  In the Episcopal church we remember and acknowledge those who have died and gone on in the last year.  All their names are called out in every church, quite a solemn moment. 
Do you remember the cantor singing out every saint's name during the processional from the Pope's section of the  Vatican as the coffin made its way to the piazza of St. Peter's Basilica?  That chant was eerie and mystifying, it had tonality that stirred your soul. Does anyone know this chant?

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