Friday, October 30, 2009

Considerate Done!

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en.  Watch for the transformation of our homegrown pumpkin!
On top is a fascinator made of alpaca felting, velvet, peacock feathers and precious stones.  Maybe this will be a girl pumpkin

Dr. Del and I picked up a biscuit at our local "southern eating establishment" and saw a pickup truck with a magnetic sign on it.  It was a handyman who did odd jobs and his company name was "Considerate Done".
I got to looking at that and wondered if it was a grammatical error, a play on words or real meaning to the two words rather than the usual  "consider it done" ! This is a phrase that lends itself to accepting confidence in someone else.  Sometimes I ask that a certain thing be done here on the farm that I cannot do or do not have the time and I try to delegate.  When the recipient of the request responds back "Consider it done", I absolutely relax and take it off my mental plate.  Only can you do this when trust is at the core of the ones involved in the discourse.
However, in this case of "Considerate Done", I would like to think that the task would be done with expertise, certainty, correctly, carefully, on time and within expectations, yet, far better than I imagined. It would be quite a promise to name your company in that fashion.  But, maybe that gentleman is one of those rarities in life.  Sorry I did not get his contact information.

Want you to meet another working member of the farm.  His name is Luke and is the main rooster.
He is a bantam and has feathers on his feet.  He has several progeny and has only been mature enough since April.  Anyhow, the other little roosters are bigger and more colorful, but he still maintains the run of the "girls". It is so funny to see him running to gather up his "harem" when they wander off.  A guy just can never rest in that job! He keeps them working all day.  if they are not laying eggs, they are eating bugs, slugs, worms and snails.  Like I said, everyone has a job to do here.  I guess he could walk off if he did not like it here. Cannot imagine why .......
Ruthie sent a white alpaca felted pillbox.  It is similar to the Jacqueline Kennedy style of the 60's.  I have taken some white and silver feathers from the Aracaunas and a pearl and marcosite silver broach that my mother gave me for the fascinator.  I think we need to put a wire in the top to keep the shape, but the prototype might be a keeper.

What I did was to put a crease in the top and it took on a new life as that of a Nehru style.  The bride I have in mind has a going away outfit for this December that has a standup, mandarin style collar, plain light gray alpaca/silk blend fabric with off center hidden buttons to close the top coat which has side slits, over slacks that are full leg matched with 3 inch high leather boots.  This hat will tie together the bride look in a travel ensemble to the Chateau leFrontenac in Quebec City, Quebec.  Sounds like a winter wonderland?
Be safe and remember the Hallowe'en stuff is for kids!

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