Friday, October 2, 2009

Sergio and Anna

I told you I would introduce you to Sergio and Anna. Well, here they are on their wedding day some 15 years ago. Her veil is the most unusual I have ever seen. it has about 7 layers of tulle; her dress which is lace and satin has a detachable train that goes almost out the door! What a magnificent bride and groom. The coronet around her head is made of crystals. So wonderful to see skin covered in the church! In Mexico, the groom's family pays for the wedding, so I know it was really a event to go to....... This is a Victorian style gown with a mermaid bottom. I told her that only brides with a great figure could wear that shape. Her sons asked "what is a figure?"....they will figure that one out! Sergio and Anna have been with me on this farm for almost 9 years. He is definitely an alpaca whisperer. He can calm them all. Dr. Frost , our vet, wants his own Sergio! Sergio was naturalized as an American citizen last year. Dr. Mixon gave him an American flag to celebrate the event, which by the way, was a very expensive route for them. That does not come cheaply if any of you were wondering. He has it hanging in his home. You know, it is wonderful to not have to write the script every time. Sergio can read my mind as to what I want done. But as my husband says, I must have "communicated" with him at some point. Mind readers live in gypsy camps so my niece tells me! Speaking of communicators, our own "degreed" communicator, Laura, is having a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! You can count on it! Also, we are proud to announce that Clementine, our bay black suri alpaca, had Count Delano's Choice, a medium fawn and white cria via Peruvian Inca, on Tuesday. She is quite the spectacle. The yearlings love to run with her, but the mama is very protective ; we expect great things of her. So wonderful to look out and they are on the ground! with colostrum! Alpacas are known for their luxurious fiber. The suri, which is one of the breed types, has curly locks with no crimp. the lustre is dazzling and adds character to the fabric made from this type.
We have a dinner jacket made of suri fabric that I will show you next time.....
Rest in peace Gunnery Sergeant E. Ches. Woodley, a man among men......

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