Friday, October 9, 2009

I love Red

                                            Do you recognize the profile of this lady in red?
Tell me who  she is and I will send you 7 rose buds for a cup of rosebud tea or an ounce of Holiday blend coffee for one cup of java.
There was a song written and sung, in person by the artist, to her many years ago that became a top hit.  Red has always been a magic color for some people.  There are some who love it to look at  it but would not dare to wear it.  It takes a very bold, secure in oneself personality to make the red really look great on the person.  Red can pale in a dowdy poor postured individual.  On the other hand, it can announce your coming into the room and therefore acts as your "page".  What you have to remember though is that pink, or rosey lipstick does not go with red, I mean Chinese red or fire engine red.  It takes that color of lip color.  I have friends who are brave to wear red but are not courageous enough to get out of the box of their make up bag to grab Revlon 710.  My "sister", Geraldine duPlessis, who lives in Namibia has a "fall" color palette and she wears Revlon 710 with great courage and zeal.  I have tried that color and I think I do not appear as demure, but at least it is not fuschia over the red.
There is an alpaca cape I have in the studio that is such a magic color of red.  It is almost circular in addition it has self covered buttons and a shawl collar that can be tied or wrapped from side to side.  It is calf length and is a fantastic piece for the holiday season.  It sells for $250 USD. Would be perfect for an attendant to wear in a red theme wedding.
 This cape is also available in white for the bride to cover her delicate shoulders!
What is also cool about this is that we made a whispy veil of Russian netting to go with this cape for special evening events during Christmas. It is very light weight and is secured with combs and has an alpaca felted anchor for stability.

BTW, the coffee came from The Alpaca Bean Roasting Company , the special holiday blend ,has put me in the holiday spirit. Very aromatic and lively, yet not bitter.  Good job to George and Judy Dick

Sad moment for me. One of our very best machos to leave this farm and go do his good work succumbed unexpectedly the other evening. 
Rest in peace Crowne Wellington and peace to the Mays Hill Alpaca Farm family.

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