Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When you are in the livestock breeding business, you enjoy today what was planned for many months ago. 
The little guy on the right, sitting with his mama, is five month old Cosmopolitan of Crowne.  His being here was planned many months ago.  His sire, Crowne Wellington, succumbed last month and this little guy is a hope of passing on his legacy.  Who would have guessed when Cosmo's mama, who is via Peruvian Mr. President,  born in  2002 that Presidential Charisma would be the mama of this little guy? This breeding was planned in early 2008 and this is the results of the waiting.  My message is that patience and planning are those gifts one prays for.  I knew that the probability of this little guy being stellar came from the expected progeny difference that comes with his  particular sire and dam.
It is so wonderful to predict something and it comes out better than you ever imagined.  The theology here is that you make the best decision with what you have to work with.  You start with the best core available and hope that Mother Nature agrees with the myriad of combinations that are possible.  If you have  an opportunity to blend two great lines or ideas, the probability is good that the extraneous variables are eliminated and success will be yours.
True in life.  If you scrimp on your investment, that is what you will reap.  If you save up and make strong valid choices, the outcome should be better than if you tried to get by on the cheap.  Far better to wait for the right choice than to force an issue into being and pretend that it is quality.  In breeding stock,  you should  use good rules to choose breeding pairs, otherwise, you may have more surprises that do not meet the breed optimums.
Choose well, be well, live well.

P.S.  Got a package from the R&D sister, Ruthie. Hope I have some good templates for our Veils using alpaca felting.  Looks like we might have something neat to develop.  Stay tuned.

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