Thursday, October 15, 2009

What really matters?

In the past few years, a sifting out process has begun.  I think as one gets older you come to grips with what is important and what really matters.  What is left after the distilling? You can worry yourself to death over transient things.  The clothes?  The adornments? The house? The vehicle?  In this moment they all seem so important, but think back. Are these things still problematic? Or have other things taken their place?   What was on your mental payroll 24 months ago? Have they resolved, have other things taken their place? What really does matter?
My husband is taking his son and two grandsons to Namibia this next summer.  It will be winter there; and desert living; quite a reprieve from Georgia heat.  With that on the horizon, it has become frightfully important to make the very best of this event.  This is male bonding at the highest level.  It will be landmark in their lives forever.  Their thoughts of their grandfather will be indelible.  So why expose yourself to a possible calamity?  Because it is worth the risk to get close to these young men at this age.  It is the thing that matters between a grandfather and the grandboys.
There will be moments of decision.  Moments of how one handles sleeplessness; airportitis! adjustment to time zones, changes in food and water and blending of personalities and memorable events.
What matters?  Things of the heart. Things that a lasting.  That is what one has to decipher.  What will not rust? Where is your treasure?

I have had to come to grips with this also in the breeding choices here on the farm.  What matters? What lasts? What will be available for the future of the species?  On this farm every breeding matters.  There is not much left to happenstance, only the luck of the gene pool.  The blending is like a great recipe.  It might produce the results you want.  The big variable is Mother Nature. She may suppress or let things come forward. 
I hope that in your choices, that all things that matter will be foremost on your radar screen.

Identify this item and I will send you some of Bobbie Carol's soap with goat milk in it. It grows wild on our farm and is availabe this time of year......the photo is fuzzy on purpose....
Hope your weekend is spectacular.


  1. Kind of looks like a Persimmon to me.

  2. Beautiful thoughts. Laughter over the dinner table. Missed notes on the piano. Toys in the floor. Roaring engine in the drive. Silly jokes. Giggling with intermittent snorts. "Oh, mom!" These are some of my favorite things that will not rust. My children are growing so quickly and pushing away as they are meant to do. In the midst of it all I realize that I can capture a memory, a thought, a word all the while letting them be free to grow and stretch and become.