Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adam is here

I wish you could see this jacket.  I purchased some white suri alpaca fabric and sent it to the tailor and had a dinner jacket made for my husband.  It actually has some sheen to it, not like satin but a dull matte that is quite nice.  It is 10% silk and has such nice body.  If men knew how nice the alpaca fabric is to wear, they would all convert.  It is light weight, so not cumbersome; it is warm, so no need of extra padding.  It is a wonderful all weather fabric that does not wrinkle! Yoila! Travel material.  That reminds me of a story about the alpaca sports jackets.  We had packed and the bell boy had taken all the luggage down stairs and we made one more pass through and hanging in the closet were two jacktes. Yikes! i wadded them up and put them in the carry-on,  not thinking he would need these in a fresh form upon arrival at  our destination.  I was quite concerned about that last part! When we arrived, I flipped them out, put them on hangars and to our surpise all wrinkles fell out in a matter of a few minutes with no steaming or pressing.  Now if Travel Smith knew about this magic fabric, it would be sold out!
Help us welcome a new male suri alpaca cria that arrived on Sunday.  He is a mahogany brown with "got milk"  goatee under the chin and two white socks! He is spunky and has surpassed all milestones for his tender age of 3 days.  We really watch those first 36 hours, they are critical; if all is perfect, then they have a good chance at a great life.

We have a quote around here we admonish:  "a baby never gets over a good birth or a bad one". 
Think about it...

October is such a happy month for us.  It is literally loaded with Mixon and Giles family birthdays.
We have a new little girl to add to the Mixons....such miracles.

I have decided I need business cards for the Veils Creations.
Had a perfect opportunity to approach the subject with a bride last pm. I was a bit reticent without a bunsiness card for I had on farm clothes and did not look the part at all. My husband did not tell me, for it would have created quite a scene, that I had alfalfa leaves all in my hair from the evening feeding.  He just let it ride instead of making me feel self conscious; no one looking anyhow.  But I bet the waitress wondered where I had been rolling with a mane full of leaves that look like the kind folks smoke!
Anyhow, back to my story.  She was having dinner with her fiance', pastor and maid of honor and they were talking "rehearsal strategy".  She had a huge rock on her finger, looked to be about 40 ish....sooo, I thought to myself I bet you are not doing the virgin look, so a veil might not be in the mix.  But how judgmental of me.!!  This could have been her first wedding and though she looked very professional, I know that girls have a soft side even if the "business" girl dominates the scene most of the time.  I will not do that again.  I will approach every bride as if this is her first wedding ; she is a princess and needs to make that wedding gown perfect with the proper head adornment.  I bet she would look good in that white wool suit (long skirt) and the birdcage veil with the Russian netting with chenille buds and white calla lilies.
I love weddings.......

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