Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life needs frosting

This is the box top to a cinnamon roll. We had intended this for a breakfast treat.  As I looked at this box on the counter I realize a profound message that was there.  "Life needs frosting".  What a great thought.  However, any of you who know the nature of frosting, there is an art to its application.
There are different kinds of frosting.  As with life, the basics are great and needed but what a treat to have a bit of frosting.  So think about things, add a bit and see how much better things are.

A friend of ours, Frank, Norton, Jr , is an artist who once was a doodler.  He would draw cartoon- like characters and messages for his children on their lunch bags.
He  is now showing his art in Atlanta and SoHo with chickens personified.  This is my portrait; always with a hat!. Not quite the ballgown or low cut little black dress, but speaks volumns.  I guess that the animals in my life qualify for the Mrs. Doolittle title. I love this old gal. She is hanging in my kitchen and she greets me everyday that I fix coffee.  She reminds me of what I need to be focused on and not to be remiss in my purpose in the care of my livestock.
My favorite icon, however, that is near our bed, is an art piece I will share with you on another post. You will love it.

Stay focused..........

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