Sunday, October 4, 2009


The last visitors of summer are these ruby throated humming birds.  Reminds me of our last airlane flight.  We were all in a line to land.  I guess we all have to take our turn....patience is truly a virtue.
This morning, while on cria watch, I happen to see an old movie with Grace Kelly.  She was a wife candidate for Prince Albert, circa 1910,  the Crown Prince of England.  The movie was called The Swan.  I was intereseted in the lace shawl which was really a mantilla.  She had it over her hair, then it slid onto her shoulders as a wrap.  This was supposed to be a suggestion to the Prince that he choose her to be his Queen.  This would have been easy for him to invision since she already looked like a queen.

That is one lesson my father taught me, dress the part; it will seem you fit the part.  I have had several folks to tell me that if you dress and act as if you are already there, then it will seem a natural when you are a candidate for a new position, job, or assignment.  If an employer has to choose a new member of the team or committee has to choose its chair, would be easy choice if you look like you could step up, serve well without training wheels!

I have such a piece of lace that I will include as a shawl over a white wool suit.   The birdcage veil would dress up this  design for a late fall wedding.  The ostrich feather is from the Namib desert. The base is alpaca felt over a headband lends a nice anchor for the design.

Looking forward to my freshly roasted coffee from The Coffee Bean in Canon, GA......!!

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