Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiara and Bravo

This head piece is a tiara. But this is not just any ole piece of jewelry. To me, it is the most magnificent piece because of its origin. I do not know where it really came from, Tiffany's, Macy's or even from the crown jewel collection of Russia. but what i do know is how i came into possession of it. We have a "sister" that has sort of blended into her environs and I have not seen her since her husband's memorial services at Emory. She is Virginia Gunn. Virginia Gunn and husband/author, Bill Diehl (who wrote Primal Fear-Richard Gere movie and many others) and I met because she had purchased some gorgeous alpacas and needed a bit of help getting fencing, feed, care lessons and the game plan. Virginia was great in the ring with her animals for they loved her and she has always loved the "lights". She was really good at her production pieces when she was on Atlanta television in the late 70s. She got an Emmy once upon a time! She also helped save the Loggerhead Turtle nesting grounds at St. Simons, GA. If you ever see her, thank her for she was "earth friendly" before it was vogue!
We were together at an alpaca event and there was joking about being involved in the promotion of our alpaca herds and she brought me a tiara to wear during the festivities. It was mirthful fun, but I still have that lovely piece and it is now in a wedding veil that is matched with cathedral length tulle and is perfect for the Grecian style of wedding dress. I miss my dream weaving conversations with Virginia, I do hope she is well.

Bravo!Bravo! There is a very precocious young lady in our family. She has studied very diligently for many years on the violin both here in the USA and her native country, Venezuela. It has its reward for being tenacious for she just received appointment to the "first chair" in the her high school orchestra of Mt. Pleasant, SC. She is 14! Miranda is our oldest granddaughter on the Mixon side. She is gracious, lovely and a star in the family crown. Even when she was in elementary school she was playing Vivaldi; my heart swells with pride. She is truly a "little sister" to the veil project. I think that Stradivari would love to hear her touch on his masterpieces of wood and string.

Ruth, the R&D lady with Southern Sisters tells me that the prototype of the Juliet Cap is on the felting table and should be here in a few days. This is a Shakespearean era head cover when put with tulle is magical and princess-like. Will be forthcoming. My friend, Becky, wore this style in 1985 at her wedding. More when we finish the project.

**Life lesson we witnessed yesterday. Penny, another alpaca sister, came to view her herd that is agisting here. Being that she is not here full time she misses a lot of the nuances of the alpaca. She witnessed the loving, neck entwining gentle rejection of a dam to her seven month old cria that we are "done with that". The young one wanted to still nurse but the dam had to tell her no in no uncertain terms but still with that innate love one has for its offspring. I saw the young one accept the rejection with poise but immediately walked away to check out her friend's mama to see if the milk bar was still open at her house! Nada, they do not usually share! Sorry Eve, maturity has life lessons that are tough but hopefully lovingly dished out.

Hug an alpaca, it is magic!

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