Friday, October 23, 2009

My favorite icon

In Russia, all the symbols created in silver, paintings, statues that are of Mary (The Mother of God) and the baby Jesus , are called icons.  The photo above is of an oil painting, lacquered with repousse silver cover.  I bought it at the St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church in St. Petersburg, Russia many years ago.  What is so mystifying is that the faces and the hands are openings in the silver.  When the light hits on it, you get a different perspective at all times during the day.
This is how life is. Depends on the light in which you view things that reveals the object of focus. If you are in darkness, nothing is seen, in low light the shadows do a dance, and in full brightness, all colors and textures are very evident.
So maybe we need to get out in the Son!

Dr. Bravo is on his way here to hold a seminar on Saturday for the alpaca breeder friends of ours.  We have had some birthing issues that he will shed light on for us.  We want to get this down to a fine blending of the science and the art of it all.
Will fill you in on the revelations from this great Cria-Don!!!

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