Sunday, September 27, 2009


Reflections are good. Looking back is the only way you know how you are doing. I love this kind of reflection. It shows a mirror image of what is above, but what is on the surface is a bit distorted.. There is not as much detail in a reflection for the acuity of the moment fades with time. I guess that is what makes the past bearable and again memorable. The here and now is what we can do something about. My farm manager of some 9 years, Sergio, whom you will meet at some point, has a 13 year old son. This young man, who does not do drugs, is very faithful and loyal as a son and helper to us ,had a seizure this past week. You know the drill. He gets to have bed rest, no school (homework, of course), and medications. While they await the appointments with the doctors, we have a chance to reflect on this kid. He was here all summer, working with his father and brother, kinda tiring easily, and looking weak in the countenance. He came over this morning with his parents and he looks great! Seems as if his reset button got pushed and he looks stronger than I have ever seen him. Maybe things have to happen to make us slow down, get some rest, sort out what is important and appreciate. Cannot imagine how incomplete my life would be without Alex hanging out. ****************************************************************************** I love tail-gating food. It is a reason to get some flavor packed foods. seems as if the best ingenuity of girls and guys comes out. I like the appetizers! I have seen full breakfasts cooked pre-game; with a followup of full course meals.

Anoother reflection........................... Our friend, Jane Eve Wilheit +, had a recipe for marinated Bloody Marys. She would make her blend and let it sit overnight in a tupperware beverage container.

Then she and her husband, Tom +, would load up the RV with friends and go to a Clemson University football game with the guests drinking the delightful marinated brew along the one hour trek to the campus! Tom was the designated driver before that was vogue!


I have a recipe for you that is a take-off on some restaurants' favorite. Sounds awful, but try them, they are bursting with flavor.... Fried Dill Pickles Take dill pickle circles, or kosher dill pickle spears and cut into bite size pieces Trim out the seeds. Coat with Martha White Buttermilk Cornbread Self-rising mix. Deep fry for a few minutes until the breading is golden. Drain and serve with a sauce (like zaxby's Sauce. I usually get a few extra at their shoppe for occasions like this. I am determined to figure out that recipe one of these days!) Yummmmmm

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