Monday, September 7, 2009

Chartres and Diana

I have the most incredible dog. She is obedient, but moreover, true to her breed and faithful. She has no fear in the field and can retrieve anything that flies, even ones that are twice her size. She is a Boykin Spaniel, a dog bred in South Carolina to "leap" into the water to retrieve a duck. The lab lost its water job for too many times when leaving the samll section boat, they would capsize the hunter and the small boat because they take off, rather than leap and are three times the size of the fearless little silkybrown dog , curly ear hair with the yellow eyes. Chartres is getting "married" this fall and should have pups by Christmas! When Heather, our daughter, got married in June, she and Sugar, the Maltese, had to be in the photo ops. So they both had wedding veils. This was way too cute for words. Sugar, being white, looked like a little princess. Chartres wore hers on her blaze orange collar and somehow was not befitting the breed. So I promised not to show the photo in public for fear that her buddies might be looking at a computer screen and wonder "have we gone to the humans!" I saw this stance and her true desire to please by bringing me her ball, the pink one, I wondered if those around us would say the same of us as being true to a breed standard? Are we faithful? True to our word? Willing to serve and please? A joy to be around? A good companion? Not to compare the human to a dog, but surely something to think about. ************************************************************************ For Diana: I have a friend. Last I saw her she had grown and since cut off her hair for "Locks of Love". Little did she know that she would be needing "a covering" shortly thereafter. Her hair was warm toasty brown and cut short in preparation for the "fallout". I gave her one of our crocheted alpaca skull hats , dark fawn to match her hair color, that my chemo friends get. Folks say that the alpaca is so soft and like a friend at night when you head is out from underneath the covers and chilly or laying by the fire while the magic poisons do their job of killing off the enemy. This lady is so courageous I never heard a negative word and she is always smiling. Well, we visited her this weekend and boy was I shocked and pleased. She now has a "veil "of silver curls! Lovely and so fitting for her. I have learned so much from her. You can be in the dumps or on top of the the hill: your choice! She taught me about attitude, mushrooms, scones and sourdough starter. So I have a cadre of ideas to share. I want you to meet Diana, anther "sister", and her scones that were Cordon Bleu perfect. She has not missed a stroke in her life duties. Her husband, Larry is truly a man among men;he ranks up there with the "sisters" too. He even collected Chanterelles (mushrooms) for us to take home. Yum, the delicacy of the forest. This man is a gentleman and sportsman even though he is from the North.......we will keep him!

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