Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outside the box

This is Luke. He is our fancy rooster....feathers on feet too!
Once in a while, there comes a defining moment where you step outside of the box you are in or by deviating from what is expected of you. One moment for our farm was when we put the chickens on the property. We have had peafowl for ten years and they are on their own, molting for me each year. But when you have egg producers of the richest finished product, your whole life changes. My husband ,who had chickens on their farm as a kid, thought he was finished with that part of farming. Surprise!!
He now really looks forward to the daily"collection". We have the Araucana (easter egg chicken), Domineckers, and some Bantam Fancy with feathers on their feet. Luke, the mature rooster is quite the man. When he struts, it looks like more of a penguin gait. He controls the girls and makes a happy existence for all the harem. I marvel at his talent to keep order and safety particularly when the dog is out exercising in his territory. Like most things in your life, including chickens, you do not have complete control. The best you can do is to provide a safe environment that is enriched with nourishment, and protected against predators. I then thought of my raising of my child. How different is raising a human than a chicken? Not a whole lot if you reduce it down ( a cooking term). You provide the best you can for their needs and hopefully they make the right choices and stay close to their "roost".
Have you ever heard of a folk artist by the name of RA Miller? He uses old roofing tin and makes these outdoor wall hangings that look like an Uncle Sam. He writes Bible verses on the back. One defining mark is the title of "Blow Oskar". When his cousin Oskar would pass by their house in Rabbittown, near Gainesville, GA, he would blow the horn. This term became part of the lyrics of a song. We have this piece of "art" hanging on our pump house and we see it everyday and wish that old man peace as he creates in the most heavenly places. It is very meaningful to man to surround himself with reminders of how thankful we should be with where we fit in this universe.
Have had a real brain blast with the veil of the week. We created this angelic vision with the fascinator base of white alpaca felt topped with silk or fresh roses that have a faint blush color in the heart. We then place the tulle on top rather than underneath and got a whole new look to the blusher veil. Really got out of the traditional design with this one. Thinking this would go well with a sheath of peau de soie or satin, would take a straight silhouette for the bride. I love the light as it passes off the bends in the fabric. Diamonds definitely the jewel of choice with this one.
I would think that the groom would melt when he sees his bride in this!
The thought of "is the beer cold?" would be trumped!

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