Thursday, September 24, 2009

SanFran-City with a Veil of fog and tradition

Look at these magnificent veils. One is of the veil of clouds over the Golden Gate bridge and the other is a Chinese bride. The bride is in the middle flanked by her father and her brother. This is a trek they are making down Grant St. in the annual fall festival of the moon. The drums, a serpentine dragon, the smell of dim sum, the smell of sulfur from the firecrackers, the hint of jasmine and potted orchids of every color challenged all the senses on this September morning. White is not necessarily the universal color for brides as turquoise was this bride's choice. She carries a lantern. The brocade dress was a beautiful creation. I did find some white linen that was very lightweight that is used for infants but could surely be used in our western veils.
Behind the parade of people at the entrance to China Town were the Chinese Foo dogs, the male with his foot on the world and the female with her foot on the family. Quite an interesting entrance.
The traditions in any culture must be considered in their pure form.
Trying to ad lib as to what they mean or what influence is in their context; is not
always obvious to us.
Let me switch gears on you here.
There are life coaches out there that tell you to think positive, think what would your clients want, do something that you enjoy, then look around yourself, take advantage of the environment in which you live and make the best of it that you can. Make your presentation unique; try to be original but be incredibly good if original might seem ordinary.
We met such an individual.
He is called the "bush man". (This is not be to confused with the Sans Bushmen of Namibia). Literally this man breaks off bush branches, sits on a bucket at Fisherman's Wharf in SanFran and hides behind these bushes. As an unsuspecting cute girl in tight jeans passes by he pushes the branches out at her and says "Boo"!! Literally jumping back several spaces, startled that this has happened and on a public street, becomes amusement for passersby. They end up putting a dollar or so in his bucket. He has been doing this for years. I watched him from a restaurant above the street level for a while . As I took this photo. I watched him count his "donations". He had a wad of greenbacks and I counted $75.00 while I was standing there, he rolled it up and stuck into a private pocket in his pants! Now talk about entrepreneurial! This guy is a local attraction. A native of SF told us about him and I never thought I would see American creativity like this. He does have a vendor's license they say, but such a bizarre way to spend your day, scaring pretty girls! But the best part is the do-re-mi !! Wonder if he reports all that income?
Now that is original and using your local resources. His presentation format is a bit off center but he seems to be getting his message across. Lighten up !!??
Wonder what the mother plants look like by now!

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