Friday, September 11, 2009


So many days slip by that I do not thank God for all His goodness. I am surrounded by all these creatures called alpacas that have such an humble spirit and a quiet presence that we would all do well to model after them. They are exemplary in how they raise their young. They do not eat much! They seem to enjoy seeing you as if it was the first time. They love their own surroundings and their pasture mates and when one is moved or missing, they all seem to know and reestablish their base of comfort. They love being close to each other yet still maintaining their space. I have noticed when the little ones go out for an evening "pronk", one dam keeps the watch while the others graze or join in some girl time; still being mindful of their main responsibility. Wish I had been that great of a mom. My offspring, fortunately, has done very well. Now we will see how far the apple falls from the tree!
The bush right outside the alpaca paddock attracts these beautiful butterflies. Wings of gossamer, like an angel in my mind. It is a daily reminder that what once was a caterpillar encased then in a little pouch and a being developed into splendor for our eyes and benefit for pollinating. How perfect a plan is that?
That reminds me of a bride behind her veil, like gossamer wings of an angel.
Remember 9.11

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