Monday, September 7, 2009

Buffalo Hair and Casablanca

I have been around Spanish moss all my life but never heard it called buffalo hair. These folks that do not grow up with something can give some funny analogies to what I took for granted as a place for chiggers! As I looked through the shadows I could see how a little kid would believe that. I want you to look closer though at this photo. This is an egret. It is one of the most graceful of birds in the marshes. In the lower front of the neck of this bird, particularly in the male, is a tuft of feathers that when opened in full spray looks like a veil of fog hovering low to the ground. Getting this shot took a lot of patience and waiting for the correct light and framed in the buffalo hair! The egret is perched on a downed tree trunck which is over a hundred years old, lost in a hurricane but lived, just not in its upright position. Even though the weather gave it a differnt fate than originally intended, it still to this day serves great purpose. It is a buffer against a nine foot tide, a respite for a bird looking for brunch, a place for the parasite moss to thrive, a pretend horse for a visiting grandchild, and yield such grandeur in its hues of gray, blue and brown for my eyes. This is a live oak. Its sister trees that did not get downed are a tennis court wide in its spreading, laying out branches, but this one is no less important to the ecosystem. So how does that fit us? Simple, think about it. ********************** For Sandra: I received a package last week with a very sweet note attached. It was from Sandara, an alpaca breeder "sister" who leads a double life. She hails from Wilmington, NC for ranch # 1 but the summer ranch # 2, in Virginia, fits the needs of her herd during high humidity and hurricane season. You have to have a GPS to keep up with her. She is developing a product line using alpaca that I know you will be hearing about soon. It is a secret. The package contained a large square of white felt. The note said she hoped that Casablanca would live on through one of our veil creations. You see, Casablanca, which means white house, (also one of Humphrey Bogart's best films; remember the white dinner jacket and the comment to Sam the piano player?), was one of the Atlantic Breeze alpaca herd. This being special in our memories of film-making made this felt even more special for you see, Casablanca was lost as was her unborn cria and Sandra still weeps in those deep parts of your soul when you loose one of these beautiful creatures. What I think we may do is take this to the studio and design a cover with lace and pearls to cover the bride's Bible or Prayer Book for her bouquet, or a slip cover of exquisite Alencon lace design for the guest book. I think maybe the base for a fascinator to hold the circle of lace for the veil that descends the back. Do you remember Jacqueline Kennedy's veil? The base that sits against the hair makes a short hair style look terrific and this is the perfect product! Will create and let Casablanca have another purpose!

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