Thursday, September 10, 2009

Surround yourself

One of the best lessons learned is to surround yourself with folks that elevate you. Now thinking on this it can go several ways. Some want to have others around them that are less talented, less creative, less clever so that they can always feel better. On the other hand, I, for one, love to be around smart folks. I like to listen to their discourse, see what motivates them, listen to their vocabulary, their style of getting a point across without sending me over the moon. with my not having to be the center or "in charge". I love it when the sisters or the nieces tell me what they want to do rather than waiting for me to come up with all the ideas and plans. However, my husband, who is an endangered species of knowledge and southerness, reminds me that I may not like the results if I am not calling the tune. Well, as one matures, you realize that getting things done through others is always better!
Oh yes, as to the shotgun and the doves? No problem, not a one flew over on opening day. He fired off his shotgun just to see if it still worked. Doves are safe! Tee hee! I was happy on that one. Chartres got to run around a bit but was quite perplexed as to why nothing was falling for her to bring to her master.
When out in the woods last weekend, I learned to pick chanterelles. That piqued our interest in wild mushrooms. My husband found about 30 different species on our farm, but all were not edible. I did learn however that as the bud forms and unfurls to be a cap, there are remnants of this first covering. Guess what it is called? A universal veil. Now is that too coincidental since we are in the study of the veil. That term is every where and ubiquitous. Look at the drawing on the front of the Roger Tory Petersen book; McKnight studies. The flecks on the cap are remnants of the universal veil. Bet you did not realize those spots had a name. Learn something new everyday, it is good for you.

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