Monday, August 24, 2009

Lost treasure

Has anyone seen "Sweet Home Alabama" with Reese Witherspoon? Remember her veil at the end of the movie? It is called a birdcage. It is reminiscent of the 20s. I took one of the rare white ostrich plumes from Namibia and made a birdcage veil in white Russian netting. It is so feminine and so perfect for wearing with a suit of linen or alpaca/merino/silk blend or a sheath of satin. The tatted star is the memory ribbon, of which our veils have as a signature, to attach all those neat things a bride wants near her as she takes her vows. This veil also has a silk rose over the left ear with a blush center, ideal color for the attendants so as not to overshadow the bride.
My niece, Monica, (a sister now)brought me some imported tea this weekend and am very content. Have you had a cup of tea today?
I went to the thrift shop and found a wedding dress that someone had left there. I am always looking for discarded treasures It is beautiful lace and pearls. I bought it for $25. It had a veil and a detachable train. Now who would have let such a treasure leave their possession? Maybe it was not so happy a remembrance, but I shall take it apart and make a beautiful mantilla from it for a bride who appreciates the art of the fabric. It is the most beautiful I have seen. We will go into the studio and form a bandeau of white alpaca felt and encrust it with pearls to make the veil so that it will be built up above the bride's forehead. I can hardly wait for you to see it. i was also sent a piece of Alencon lace that I can hardly take my eyes from its intricacies. This will also become a mantilla. So much creative gushes going on! Let me know if you have a special someone whom would like to have a specially custom made veil from Southern Sisters. Would make a lovely "gift from the Auntie".
Here in the South,the magnolias are blooming like this one at Carodel Farm, It is last before the chilly time sets in, and the harvesting of our crops. Even though the season does not officially change until the first dove shoot, we mark September 21, as the autumnal equinox. At "shift change", this is the perfect opportunity to check with all things important to you and make your "adjustments". I love check-points, keeps me on focus and not wrapped up in melee as life can sometimes get.

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