Monday, August 24, 2009

A cup of tea!

"'A cup of tea!' Is there a phrase in our language more eloquently significant of physical and mental refreshment......?" (Francis H.Leggett & Co, Tea Leaves ,1900). This is a part of a quote from a calendar my nieces gave my mother for her to keep track of this year's events and appointments. Aren't nieces the best thing that God created? Next to daughters, of course!
Someone can say just a few words and you can envision such refreshing thoughts. That is the way I am when offered a cup of tea. It is so hospitable, reminiscent of quiet times, yet those filled with nostalgia and hope.
To our study of the veil. I have one last Vermeer, which is my favorite. Does anyone remember the movie this portrait was the focal point? Again enjoy the light, the fabric, the lips and the pearl earring. It is as if she was right next to you.
The veil in the 17th century was loosely woven and without much form until crinoline, horsehair, wire, or felt was discovered. Then the veils took on more shape and were then called hats. Part of the habit of sisters in the Roman church still wear "veils" in some orders. Prior to their "change of order" in the early 70s, the head pieces would sometimes have heavy starch to keep the wings of the hat up, reminding them of One greater over them. The wedding veil as I have come to understand is a reminder of that time of life of innocence. The rite of passage into womanhood is unveiled at her wedding. Such depth of meaning can accompany this delicate piece of fabric if one will let themselves focus on this rather than totally on the dress and the party.
Now, talk about a veil! This is the cover of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, a 2009 issue of a genre 1343 B.C. Pharaoh of Egypt, known as King Tutankhamen. There is cobra and a vulture at the head band and gold, with lapis lazuli and turquoise on the sarcophagus. It is to depict the dress of that era. One would have to have some strong neck muscles to handle this masterpiece of a veil. We have come quite a way with form and function. The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, shaped like a pyramid, has a replica of the tomb that was discovered in the early 1920s. Quite educational exhibit along with a Valley of the Kings I-max movie. A lot more than the travelling exhibit has had. I believe the treasures now will stay in Egypt.
Today has been one of checking the alpaca herd, looking for cria movement in anticipation of birthing season to begin late September. Did a bit of making of another flower bed by my sweet husband. The weather was like fall today so I am beginning to look up and not run for shade each time the sun peeks out and beams at me. Hope your day was blessed, too.

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