Monday, August 17, 2009

Showing Respect

Portrait of a Young Woman by Vermeer , in my thoughts, this young girl ,who favors my niece, Victoria Giles, may be in her "best" veil and coverings for going out. Here again appreciate the use of light and the "feel" of the fabric.
It has been a practice for centuries that a woman should cover her head while in an holy place. Out of respect, my friend Jane Hemmer and I covered our heads with a scarf almost all the time we were in Israel. So many holy places! This symbolism is to remind you that there is one greater "above you". This practice has been in place for centuries by "girls raised in the south". My mother always wore a hat to church until hairspray and the rat tail comb took over. Women , in the USA, would ultimately trade in their hats in for a "fixed do", and I mean fixed.l That sucker of a hairstyle was not going anywhere. It could be gale force winds and the spray held all in place. Jackie Kennedy was our fashion model at that time. We could hardly wait to see what her outfit would be at the next public outing. Then there was Princess Diana. I do love to try to replicate that image. Such positive feelings; makes you want to be royalty. As a young girl, in the 60s, my mother made me wear a hat, but I loved them. I especially liked the pillbox and the "wispy veil" . Does anyone remember those? Just netting and a satin bow on top. Held to the hair by a comb or a bobby pin. Am I hitting some nostalgia here? Had one to match every Sunday outfit. I know I am not dreaming this up, but cannot find anyone who remembers them. Maybe it was a Montgomery, Alabama thing. Did you all have teas at graduation? Wear a hatand gloves? I am tickled to watch the Kentucky Derby each year now; the hats are works of art.
WISPY VEIL......... Southern Sisters LLC, has our version of the "wispy veil". This one is of black Russoan netting, black ostrich feather and porcupine quills. ( $ 225)
I love to scavenge the deserts of Namibia and pick up items for the hats and the fascinators. You will find me picking up feathers every where I go!. Try wearing a hat next time you go out into the sun, to an holy place or cocktail party and see how different it makes you feel. The word regal comes to mind.
(BTW: Pray for Laura)

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